Vision Table

Title List Reflects changes to DCM/Membership December 2023

The Vision Table is comprised of three bishops and two persons from each annual conference, one being the director of Connectional Ministries. Membership includes the chair or designee of Program and Arrangements, Episcopacy Committee, Board of Ordained Ministry, Annual Conference Boundaries, Rules, and Board of Laity. In addition there are two youth, two young adults, the jurisdictional secretary and the jurisdictional treasurer. There are also three members nominated and elected to assure diversity. The assistant secretary and assistant treasurer of the Jurisdiction attend the meetings with voice but no vote.

Chair: Bishop Sandra L. Steiner Ball
Secretary: Tom Salsgiver

Baltimore Washington
DCM: Christie Latona
Delegate: Edgardo Rivera

Eastern PA
DCM: Dawn Taylor Storm

Greater New Jersey
DCM: Eric Drew
Delegate: Cynthia Kent

New England
DCM: Ashley Johnson
Delegate: Steven Dry

New York
DCM: Doris Dalton
Delegate: Rashid Warner


Peninsula Delaware

DCM: Jacqueline Davis Ford
Delegate: Carlton Parker

Susquehanna DCM
DCM: Kathleen Kind

Upper New York
DCM: Aaron Bouwens
Delegate: Suzanne Allen

West Virginia
DCM: Bonnie Glass MacDonald
Delegate: Royce Lyden

Western PA
DCM: Alyce Weaver Dunn
Delegate: Peggy Ward

Youth: TBA
Youth: TBA
Chair, Program & Arrangements: Antoine “Tony” Love (BWC)
Chair, Finance & Administration: Sherri Rood (UNY)
Chair, Episcopacy: Judi Kenaston (WV)
Chair, Board of Ordained Ministry: Amy McCullough (BWC)
Chair, Boundaries: Lydia Munoz (EPA)
Chair, Rule: Janet Harman (WV)
Chair, NEJ Conference Lay Leader or Designee: David Koch (EPA)
Vision Table Secretary: Tom Salsgiver (SUS)
Vision Table Assistant Secretary: Darlynn McCrae (BWC)
Vision Table NEJ Treasurer: David Simpson (BWC)
Vision Table NEJ Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Williams (SUS)

College of Bishops assigned to Vision Table
Bishop Sandra L. Steiner Ball and Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi