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The Mission of Peace is a yearly journey of discovery and Shalom to nations in our global community sponsored by the Northeast Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Each year, every Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in the Northeastern Jurisdiction may select up to three youth to share in this experience. On each MOP, participants worship in churches, meet youth in churches and civic organizations and share with people who have a similar longing for Peace and understanding. These times have been the high points of each MOP experience.

The MOP is a life changing experience! It is a journey which leads each participant to discover God's Spirit at work in the world. It is an experience of God's extended family. It is a journey of discovering God's Shalom. It is primarily a people to people experience in which we learn from our hosts how they live as disciples of Jesus Christ in their country. It is a mission which has brought us closer to God's hoped for community where all are sisters and brothers.

Each year the Youth who represent the Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church in the Northeastern Jurisdiction must raise the money which supports their MOP. In the spirit of Shalom, the Jurisdictional and Conference Councils on Youth Ministries humbly ask each church, UMW unit, UMM unit, UMYF, and individuals for prayerful consideration of a monetary gift to the Conference MOP participants.

Each youth who journeys on the Mission of Peace is expected to share their experience at least five times upon their return. Each MOPer is looking forward to telling their story of Shalom. They may be contacted individually or through the Conference Youth Coordinator.

Those who have journeyed on the Mission of Peace give thanks to God and to all who have made it possible for us to make this journey. We pray daily for Shalom, for understanding between people, and that there may be the chance that others can journey on a Mission of Peace.

The Mission of Peace was brought into existence by the Northeastern Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries (NEJCYM) Legislative Session at Albright College, July 28-31, 1984. Each year since, the NEJCYM Legislative Session has affirmed the priority of the Mission of Peace in order that new understandings of community and shalom might continue to develop. The MOP has traveled to the USSR (86-88, 90), The People's Republic of China (89, 97, 01, 06), Eastern Europe (91,92), Zimbabwe (93, 96, 99), Guyana (94), India (95, 00, 05), Nicaragua (98, 03,07), Brazil (02, 04), and Cuba (08, 13) and Africa (09, 14).

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