The Northeastern Juristiction of The United Methodist Church The Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church

NEJ Standing Committees


Baltimore-Washington - Lay: Cynthia Taylor, Clergy: Ianther Mills
Eastern PA - Lay: Judy Ehninger, Clergy: Dawn Taylor Storm
Greater New Jersey - Lay: Bethany Amey, Clergy: Drew Dyson
New England - Lay: Bonnie Marden, Clergy: Jay Williams
New York - Lay: Fred Brewington, Clergy: Noel Chin
Peninsula-Delaware - Lay: William Westbrook, Clergy: Vicki Gordy-Stith
Susquehanna - Lay: Christina McDermott, Clergy: Tom Salsgiver
Upper New York - Lay: Caremn FS Vianese, Clergy: William Mudge
West Virginia - Lay: Judy Kenaston, Clergy: Amy Shanholtzer
Western Pennsylvania - Lay: Vicki Stahlman, Clergy: Bob Zilhaver


Chair: Sherri Rood (UNY)
Clergy: Stacy Cole Wilson (BWC)
Clergy: (NE)
Young Adult: Hunter Presti
Young Adult: Ian C. Urriola (UNY)
Layman: William Westbrook (PD)
Layman: Charles Moore (BWC)
Layman David Koch (EPA)
Laywoman: (NY)
Laywoman: Toni Ann Oplinger (SUS)
Laywoman: Rosa Williams (GNJ)
Members of GCFA: William Williams (GNY), Ken Ow (BWC)
College of Bishop Representative: Bishop Héctor A. Burgos-Núñez


Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi – Host, WPA Resident Bishop
Antoine “Tony” Love – Chairperson, Clergy BWC
Hudda Aswad – Vice Chairperson, Laity UNY
Lauren Godwin, Clergy WV
Anna Layman Knox, Clergy SUS
Denise Smartt Sears, Clergy NY
Tanya Linn Bennet, Clergy GNJ
Chris Kurien, Clergy EPA
Gary Weaver, Clergy SUS
Beth Nelson – Local Host Committee Coordinator, Clergy WPA
Karen Trask, Clergy WPA
Katherine Fehl, Clergy WPA
Tom Salsgiver – NEJ Secretary, Clergy SUS
Darlynn McCrae – NEJ Assistant Secretary, Laity BWC
David Simpson – NEJ Treasurer, Clergy BWC
Jennifer Williams – NEJ Assistant Treasurer, Clergy SUS
Sylvia Simpson – Registrar, Laity BWC
Margie Green – Assistant Registrar, Laity BWC


Chair: Janet Harman (WV)
Bryant Oskvig (BWC)
Mandy Miller (EPA)
Tom Lank (GNJ)
Becca Girrell (NE)
Tim Riss (NY)
Ruth Higgins (PD)
Ray Hamill (SUS)
Stephen Cady (UNY)
Sung Chung (WPA)
College of Bishops Representative: Bishop LaTrelle M. Easterling


Chair: Lydia Munoz (EPA)
Secretary: Conrad Link (BWC)
Drew Dyson (GNJ)
Tiffany French (NY)
Megan Shitama Weston (PD)
Paul Amara (SUS)
Rich Shaffer (WV)
Stephanie Gottschalk (WPA)
Becca Girrell (NE)
Rebekah Sweet (UNY)
College of Bishop Representative: Bishop John Schol


Chair: Amy McCullough(BWC)
Vice Chair: David McAllister-Wilson
Secretary: Rachel Fisher (NE)

Seminary Representatives:
Tanya Linn Bennett (GNJ): Drew Seminary
David McAllister-Wilson: Wesley Seminary
Christiann De La Rosa: Boston Seminary

Annual Conference Representatives:
Amy McCullough (BWC)
Paul Johnson (BWC)
Tracy Duncan (EPA)
Michelle Ryoo (GNJ)
Megan Shitama-Weston (PD)
Jenyoung Choi (NE)
Rachel Fisher (NE)
Mira Hewlett (SUS)
Carmen Perry (UNY)
Rick LaDue (UNY)
Kelly Schanely (WPA)
Pam Gardner (WPA)
Scott Sears (WV)

At-Large members
Joan Humphrey (NE)
Mittie Quinn (BWC)
Doris Dalton (NY)

College of Bishops Representatives
Bishop Thomas Bickerton and Bishop Peggy Johnson

Young Adult Council


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