About the NEJ

Our vision is to be a Jurisdiction led by transforming leaders serving growing congregations and Annual Conferences for the sake of Christ's mission in the world.

The Northeastern Jurisdiction is currently made up of 10 episcopal areas. An episcopal area consists of an annual conference (or conferences) to which a bishop is assigned by the Jurisdictional conference. The bishop lives within the bounds of the episcopal area and presides over the work of the annual conference(s). 

  • Washington (Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference)
  • Philadelphia (Eastern PA Annual Conference)
  • Greater New Jersey (Greater New Jersey Annual Conference)
  • Boston (New England Annual Conference)
  • New York (New York Annual Conference)
  • Peninsula-Delaware (Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference)
  • Harrisburg (Susquehanna Annual Conference)
  • Upper New York (Upper New York Annual Conference)
  • West Virginia (West Virginia Annual Conference)
  • Pittsburgh (Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference)
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Annual Conference Information

Washington Episcopal Area
Baltimore-Washington Conference

Bishop: LaTrelle Easterling

Peninsula-Delaware Episcopal Area
Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference

Bishop: LaTrelle Easterling

Philadelphia Episcopal Area
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference

Bishop: John Schol

Harrisburg Episcopal Area
Susquehanna Annual Conference

Bishops: Cynthia Moore-Koikoi & Sandra Steiner Ball

Greater New Jersey Episcopal Area
Greater New Jersey Annual Conference

Bishop: John Schol

Upper New York Episcopal Area
Upper New York Annual Conference

Bishop: Bishop Héctor Antonio Burgos-Núñez

Boston Episcopal Area
New England Annual Conference

Bishop: Peggy Johnson (interim)

West Virginia Episcopal Area
West Virginia Annual Conference

Bishop: Sandra Steiner Ball

New York Episcopal Area
New York Annual Conference

Bishop: Thomas Bickerton

Pittsburgh Episcopal Area
Western Pennsylvania

Bishop: Cynthia Moore-Koikoi